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These books, CDs, and videos have been reviewed by our staff or by our clients. The materials were found to be valuable professional reference and training tools. We have authored a successful technical book, video, and training materials that were used worldwide. That experience gives us a better appreciation of the needs of our niche readers. It has also served us well in seeking out, finding, and in critically reviewing the materials we list.

Our featured selection for air pollution control in the area of wet scrubbers is still the Second Edition (1996)of the Technomic Publishing Company's

"Wet Scrubbers"
by Kenneth C. Schifftner and Howard E. Hesketh

  The NST Engineers, Inc. reviewers found that the authors, Kenneth Schifftner, Product/District Manager for Bionomics Industries, and Howard Hesketh, Professor of Engineering (Retired), Air Pollution Control, at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, have provided a most useful resource to the pollution control and environmental engineering communities.

Mr. Schifftner is the patentee of a scrubber with unusual capabilities, the Catenary Grid , also described in the book. The NST Engineers reviewers, having successfully applied that scrubber design to a high solids-loading, toxic, plant exhaust stream in one case, and to a toxic plant exhaust stream, in an urban setting near a school, can attest to the soundness of the application principles described in the book.

  The authors have demonstrated again in this second edition the practical value of their more than fifty-year experience in wet scrubbers research, development, and plant installations. They cover every important type of wet scrubber for odor and toxic exhaust control in industrial and municipal applications.

Practical considerations are highlighted throughout. As an example, they describe twenty-three considerations for successful gas absorption in liquid streams. Provision of design methods, reference data, and typical calculations lead users toward optimum selections for wet scrubbers and their auxiliary systems. The authors treat the wide range of gaseous, misty, odor, and particulate-loaded conditions that all pollution control practitioners face sooner or later.

To find out more about this book, or to order it online, just enter its ISBN (same as the ASIN) number: 1566763797 in the Amazon.com keyword search box.


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