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These books, CDs, and videos have been reviewed by our staff or by our clients. The materials were found to be valuable professional reference and training tools. We have authored a successful technical book, video, and training materials that were used worldwide. That experience gives us a better appreciation of the needs of our niche readers. It has also served us well in seeking out, finding, and in critically reviewing the materials we list.

The Scaffold Training Institute's "Competent Person/Scaffold Builder" and "Scaffold User" Courses
John Palmer, Director, Scaffold Training Institute

  After a thorough review of scaffolding courses provided by several national providers, NST Engineers can confidently recommend the Scaffold Training Institute (STI) of Houston, Texas, as the premier supplier of programs and materials meeting (and exceeding) all the requirements of OSHA’s latest regulations for scaffold inspectors and builders and users contained in: 29CFR1926.454(b), 29CFR1926.451(f)(3), and 29CFR1926.454(a).

 The courses consist of clearly written manuals in a three ring binder. Also included are video tapes keyed to the manuals. STI also offers on-site programs led by their instructors as well as weekly classes at their Houston site.

  Why Scaffold Training?

  It is the law. OSHA has investigated numerous falls from elevated work platforms and come to the conclusion that they are a leading cause of disabling work injuries. Anyone covered by OSHA regulations, who builds, inspects, or works on scaffolding must be trained.

  Why STI?

  Nearly every one of the national scaffold suppliers has their own training program. NST Engineers reviewers, all with twenty-five to forty-five years experience in industry, have reviewed these training packages from the other providers. Although comprehensive, their focus is on their brand of scaffolding.

  The STI Difference.

  STI is the only provider that NST Engineers has found that offers the detailed level of training that we feel is required by OSHA for the following popular types of scaffolding: Frame, Tube and Coupler (Tube and Clamp), Systems, and Rolling Tower from the national suppliers. Throughout each course the “host” of the video John Palmer, STI’s experienced and knowledgeable director, and the manuals’ author continually stresses safety for the builder or the worker. For example, two of the most common violations, not using scaffold grade lumber and not fully planking levels of scaffold, are constantly stressed.

  Inside The Programs.

  The STI manuals or “Learning Guides”, are broken down into easily understandable sections with clearly defined “Enabling Objectives”. The student is directed through each section by means of “Learning Steps”, “Information Sheets”, and, with the aid of the excellent video presentation keyed to that particular objective, is given visual reinforcement of the objectives.

 The “Self-Check” at the end of each section either assures students that they have learned that section or alerts them to the need to return to the section and re-study it or ask the trainer for help. The course also makes use of “Activity Sheets” and “Performance Checks” which allow, whenever possible, students to demonstrate, in a hands-on setting, their competence at performing a specific task.

  Think of the sections as building blocks or levels of staging, if you will. One element of the manuals that will aid the novice and expert alike, is the inclusion of numerous detailed photographs and diagrams showing all the individual parts of properly erected scaffolding, unusual scaffolding assemblies for difficult-to-access work-sites, and a comprehensive list of “don’t’s”.

 At the end of each course is a “Knowledge Check”, a detailed test that assures the trainer that the student did indeed assimilate the information. These “Knowledge Checks” are the only perforated sheets in the manual that, when finished, can be removed and filed in a company’s personnel records as evidence that the student was thoroughly trained to perform his or her job.

 Mr. Palmer stresses throughout the courses the need for hands-on instruction, especially for novices.

 All OSHA regulations that require training have a section entitled “Training Requirements”. In almost all cases they also have a “Non-Mandatory” section with other training recommendations. The STI courses reviewed go into detail that clearly exceeds the mandatory requirements as well as the “recommendations”.

 NST Engineers feels that any company that chooses to implement any of the Institute's training Programs can feel confident that their employees have been thoroughly trained.

  The NST Engineers, Inc. rating of these programs is excellent!

For ordering information and pricing, contact:
Deborah E. Enriquez
Operations Manager
Scaffold Training Institute
311 East Walker
League City, TX 77573
Voice: (281) 332-1613
Fax: (281) 316-2030, or (800) 428-0162
email: enriquez@scaffoldtraining.com


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