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These books, CDs, and videos have been reviewed by our staff or by our clients. The materials were found to be valuable professional reference and training tools. We have authored a successful technical book, video, and training materials that were used worldwide. That experience gives us a better appreciation of the needs of our niche readers. It has also served us well in seeking out, finding, and in critically reviewing the materials we list.

"Pollution Prevention: Methodology, Technologies and Practices"
by Kenneth L. Mulholland and James A. Dyer
Published by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  The NST Engineers, Inc. reviewers recommend this book to responsible individuals in facilities that are relatively new to the practice of pollution prevention, and to those who believe their facility practices encompass every feasible approach to pollution prevention. Both camps can learn a great deal from these seasoned DuPont practitioners. You can get an extended appreciation of the kinds of topics the authors address and their approaches to solutions by reading two of their articles in the May 1999 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress, the AIChE publication.

  The authors lead the reader, step-by-step, through the establishment of a pollution prevention management and operating structure for any facility, whether or not it is considered a "chemical facility". The only question is whether or not any potentially problem-causing gases, vapors, liquids, or solids are being disseminated beyond the fence-line. If there are any of the above flowing from your facility, read this book. You are bound to be helped by the practical information and case studies presented.

 The NST Engineers reviewers consider that the authors give enough of the tried and proven "methodology and practices", which, if instituted in a facility, will go a long way in helping establish ISO-14000 readiness. You will also be better prepared for Process Hazards Analysis and other components of Process Safety Management. On the other hand, if you are well along the road of PSM accomplishment, you will find the reading will make it easier to move into advanced pollution prevention practices.

  There is quite a bit of detail on capital and operating costs for major pollution control technologies. Suggestions for achieving savings in a variety of operations are given. The authors stress the importance of considering changes in process technology and operating procedures. They give examples. They show how to prevent wastes from occurring in the first place; as opposed to being forced to spend a lot of effort in trying to prevent dissemination of the wastes in existing processes or procedures.

  To find out more about this book, or to order it online, just enter its ISBN (same as the ASN) number: 081690782X in the Amazon.com keyword search box.


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